So You Think You Can Parent


I recently told someone that I was a parenting blogger. Their response?

‘What qualifies you to give parenting advice, then?’

Well, nothing, really…

I didn’t really think that as a blogger I was here dishing out advice, I thought it was more about sharing. By blogging about my children, our family, our lives…I’m inviting you to come and join our little wander through life. Through their childhood.

I don’t think it is a blogger’s place to judge and I know very few who do. I recently read a blog post slating other parents for their pride in their parenting accomplishments. I couldn’t care less what nappies you use, how you feed your baby and anything else you do…but I’m all for being proud of what you have done, and I’m even more for forgetting about the things you couldn’t/didn’t. If your child is happy and healthy then great job. You did that. So if you want to tell the world you breastfed for three years, do it. And don’t let anyone (blogger or not) tell you to button it. Ever.

Anywho…I digress, back to the point. Do I think that I’m a perfect parent just because I blog? Not in a million years, I’d probably rate myself mediocre at best (not in a desperate plea for you to flock to disagree, I’m aware that if we’re going by the book, I’m a bit rubbish at his parenting lark). You can read my previous post on why I’m just a little bit rubbish, here.

I’m not perfect, none of us are…I never sterilise Bear’s cup and I often let Moo have chocolate for no reason at all other than she’s just such a cutey. Neither are yet to sprout a second head or lose a limb so I’m chalking both of those up to a win!

I personally love blogs, I love advice on topics that bloggers know about. You want to know about cake or choosing an activity for your child, then I’m your girl. How to make some toiletries from the contents of your kitchen cupboards? I am all over that! Making the best out of little money then yes yes yes, but if you want help on getting your child to sleep through, control your toddler or arrive anywhere on time with two under-fives in tow then head to Google (and link me. PLEASE.)

Everybody’s different, I’m not here to teach you how to be a parent, only you can do that…but I’d love to share our journey with you, and I love it when you share yours!


8 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Parent

  1. I think blogging and sharing experiences – about whatever experiences we have in life has a real positive. We CAN learn from each other. I recall posting a blog about how I was going crazy in the holidays trying to keep everything tidy and organised (impossible task) – so many people left comments saying how they did or did not do it.. and others just provided encouragement and said yanno… No big deal.. lol

    It’s the sharing. It’s caring n stuff! Never know when we might or might now learn something. Generally, though whenever anyone takes the time to share their personal life experiences, we can find something that at some stage may prove useful in our lives – EVEN if it is what NOT to do.. (Getting stuck on the toilet with no toilet paper, like I did last week)

    Great post, well stated :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Miss Lou

    1. Yes definitely! There’s always something to be leant, but unless you’re an expert on the subject, I think you should tread very carefully about sitting high up and dictating advise or judging others. Thank you for commenting, hoping you’ve recovered from your loo incident now!

  2. I once heard it said that you can never be a “perfect parent”. You can only ever be “good enough” and I think it’s a fair assessment. There is too much in terms of conflicting information, and you can always find someone who would have dealt with a situation differently. As you said, as long as your kids are healthy and happy you’re winning :)

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