Spend Vs. Save – Pretty Prints

Pretty Prints

You all know I love a bit of design. Give me a bold, colourful pattern or print any day, I am so over pastels. Okay, so maybe that all sounded a bit dramatic, but lots of pale colours just don’t really suit us as a family.

There are loads of lovely brands about that cater to this love affair I have with design. Unfortunately for me, they’re mostly out of my price range! So I’ve got quite adept at tracking down bright, patterned clothes for my two, on my budget! I know that they’re probably worth the money but £30 a pair of jammies is a bit steep when you consider how short a time they last!

I introduce to you, my spends and saves of pretty prints!


Cranberry Tunic ((Nosh Organics)) – Petrol Stars Vest ((Maxomorra)) – Whatever the Weather Romper ((Piccalilly)) – Dinosaur Pyjamas ((Maxomorra)) – Pretty Party Dress ((Frugi)) – Kneepatch Dungarees ((Frugi))


Cloud Romper ((George at ASDA)) – Bus Pyjamas ((Baby Gap)) – 2x Stars & Stripes Sleepsuits ((Ladybird)) – Purple Flower Tunic ((Mini Club at Boots)) – Seagull Print Dress ((Ladybird)) – 2x Boys Dungarees ((Ladybird))


Rainbow Romper ((Toby Tiger)) – Rainbow Sleepsuit ((Mini Club at Boots))

So there we go! Lots of lovely, bright clothes! Some purse-friendly and some less so, but all very pretty!


Please note I was not compensated in any way for this post.

4 thoughts on “Spend Vs. Save – Pretty Prints

  1. What a great post!! We love bold, bright clothes here too! I am actually in love with the Clouds romper/sleepsuit from Asda – Hadn’t seen it before! x

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