BakerDays Letterbox Cake

Valentine’s Day is coming! There’s no use trying to hide from it, like Christmas it rocks up once a year and it seems to be one of those things that you’re either on board with or you’re not. I quite enjoy it, not because I expect a huge fuss or a gift or really much of anything, but I do like seeing all the things in the shops and getting my husband a little card and something small and sweet.

Random fact, our second valentines day (our first with Moo and in our own home) I surprised my husband by setting up a valentine’s day scavenger hunt!

Another random fact…he was really un-interested. And I bring it up. Every year.

So, anyways…my un-romantic husband aside (he’s not so bad really)…getting back to something small and sweet…did you know you can send cake through the post? Yes, that’s cake through the post. Can we just take a moment here to savor how utterly genius that is? The pioneer’s of this marvelous idea are Baker Days, a lovely business over in Sherwood Forest who, with their own special decorating system can put just about anything you want on a handmade cake of your choice of flavour (chocolate, plain sponge, fruit, gluten/wheat-free or dairy-dree).


Baker Days very kindly offered to be my (early) Valentine and sent me this lovely letterbox cake to try. Now, you all know how I feel about cake. I love it and the fact that I had one delivered through my letterbox (!!) was almost enough to make me swoon and make me come over all period drama on us! Of course, Moo was excited, as she always is when a parcel comes, even more so when it’s one you can eat!


Inside the box was a card, a little packet containing candles, party blower and balloons, as well as a lovely round tin. Inside the tin was the cake and isn’t it gorgeous? You can choose from hundreds of designs including ones you can add your photo and name to. As you can see, this cake came personalised to me (just as well Moo’s too young to read then or there would have been drama).


With beautifully smooth icing, the little cake that came with instructions of how to remove from tin, was large enough to easily feed four people a slice (or…one cake fiend like me). The sponge was a luxuriously moist chocolate with buttercream sandwiched inside.

It was divine. I offered a slice to my husband (yes, him again), who is not a cake person. He helped himself to a tiny piece…I later went back for photos and over half of it was gone!! It was a big hit in my house…and did not last the day between the three of us I’m slightly ashamed to admit. It was delicious and I really want the recipe!



I love all the different designs you can choose from, there’s plenty there for every taste and age, it’s my best friend’s birthday this week so I’ve been scouring the birthday cake range in search of something to send her way. They do larger size cakes too, ideal for a personalised special birthday!

With a lot of my friends dotted around the country nowadays, the letterbox cake provides a solution to the problem of what to get them for their birthdays! Everybody loves cake and who honestly wouldn’t smile if someone sent them this gorgeous little package on their special day? I personally think it’s a brilliant idea and can’t wait to send one off!

If you’d like to send a letterbox cake to someone special this valentines, I have a cheeky code for you to get 15% off until Valentine’s day. Simply enter CLARLEL2 at the checkout to receive your discount.


A Baker Days letterbox cake starts at £14.99 which makes it a great-value alternative to sending flowers! Or how about a dozen personalised cupcakes instead? That’s make anybody’s day!


Please note I was sent the letterbox cake for the purposes of review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own).

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